What is Photo Story a Week?

A Photo Story is simply words written inspired by a picture. We will have a weekly photograph that will be shared on this site. Join in the fun and write 500 words (or more!) inspired by the photograph. It could be fiction, fact, opinions, silly thoughts, funny anecdotes - whatever you please! Our hope is that folks can use this exercise to help keep their creative knives sharp.

Of course, it would be great if you can share your writing with the world. It forces us to get it into a “done” state and frankly 500 words shouldn’t be that hard to write, right? Well join in and find out! If you get joy from the written word, we promise you’ll have fun as you wrangle with all sort of photographs and what they bring to mind. And the best part is to compare the different types of stories that the same photograph can elicit. In the future perhaps we can see all the stories for a photograph in one place

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You can email us at photostoryaweek@gmail.com for any questions or suggestions! If there is a photograph that you think would be a great candidate for writing a Photo Story on, please pass it along (we are currently using “Free for commercial use” and “No attribution required” photographs from Pixabay).

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What is a “Photo Story”? It is simply a short essay or story of at least 500 words inspired by a photograph. So subscribe, enjoy and share your own weekly creations!


Photo Story A Week

A story about a photo. Weekly. Join in and share your creations!